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Club questions:

1. Can I be a member of more than one triathlon club? Certainly!  We encourage it. The important thing is that you find a supportive group of people who will help you get into the sport.  You can get the benefits of contacts and discounts from multiple clubs.

2. I don’t live in Ankeny, why should I join TRI? TRI currently has members from Altoona, Ames, Ankeny, Altoona, Ames, Bondurant, Clive, Des Moines, Johnston, Madrid, Polk City, Urbandale, and West Des Moines.

Join us if you like our member discounts.  Join us if you want to come to our no-drop rides and open water swims in the summer. Join us if you like what we are doing.  Join us if you like our uniforms. Join us if you want to use our infrastructure, resources, and good culture with your workout buddies.

3. Is TRI affiliated with the YMCA? TRI has no formal affiliation with the YMCA.  Many of our winter swim workouts are at the Ankeny YMCA because it is the only pool in the area where the club initially formed.  There is strong overlap between the TRI club and the Triathlon Training classes that have been taught in Ankeny since November of 2005. Many leaders in the TRI club are also Tri Class instructors. The Ankeny Y does not require TRI membership to take a Tri Training class. The TRI club does not require YMCA membership to join the club.

Group Training Questions:

1.  Are all your group workouts in Ankeny? No. The location of our no-drop group rides varies around the central Iowa region.  Our open water swims are usually at Big Creek. We also host group spins and swims at the InspireU facilities in Des Moines.

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