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More Race Reports 2012 July 16, 2012

Posted by triracers in Race Reports.

A rather long and rambling race report from the Mont Tremblant 70.3 last weekend:


-Greg Grandgeorge

Another report from William Jenks for Kansas 70.3



Race Reports for 2012 July 16, 2012

Posted by triracers in Race Reports.

Quartermax Race report – June 23rd – Dan Drefke

After sitting out last season due to my wrist in a cast, I was anxious to compete in a race.  It had been 2 years since I did a 70.3 and 3 years since I did an Oly.  My “A” race this year is the  Rev3 at Wisconsin Dells.  I had two goals.  1 – I needed to shake out the cobwebs and 2 – I wanted to see an old friend in the St. Louis area.  I decided to sign up for the Quartermax triathlon in Wright City, MO.  It’s called a quarter because that is exactly what it is.  1000m swim, 28 mile bike and 6.5 mile run.  Online registration was a little over $100.  Pretty steep considering the type of race.  Race was on Saturday so that was a positive.  I could spend Fri/Sat at my friend’s house and leave on Sunday.

Packet pickup  – Race is held inside of a resort and you need a pass to get by the security guard.  Glad I got this the day before because it would have been stressful having to deal with that on race morning.  Packet pickup was smooth.  Got my swim cap, race number, and T-shirt.  That was all.  No swag.  Not even a horrible breakfast bar or a gel.  WTF?  $100 for this?

Leave site and head to my friend’s house.  Didn’t realize he lived 90 minutes from venue.  Oops.  Get to his place and start acting like we did when we were in our early 20’s.  Carbo load past midnight and realize that I need to be up in 4 hours to make the long drive to race.  Wake up feeling effects of liquid carbs and head to venue.

Race –  Parking went really well and you could park within 200 yards of transition.  Set up my transition and then head DOWN to the swim.  I’ll explain later.  Swim went well. Drafted a guy for half the swim but got separated when we started running into previous waves.  Exited the beach and then ran about 150 yards uphill, 10% grade, to transition.  T1 went smooth and I noticed that there were many bikes in transition.  I was 5th out of the water in my AG (Backdoor brag)  Start thinking that maybe I should have had one more can of carbs the night before.  I start biking and realize I should have had one less can.  Hilly course and the first 5 miles were winding ascents/descents.  The roads were open to traffic but no issues.  Didn’t notice any drafting but there could have been.  No course marshal and few volunteers.  The run consisted of two laps on what I was told was packed gravel.  Basically it was an Iowa gravel road that went up and down through the woods.  Finished race about a minute off of my goal and was in top 20% of AG.  As you came thru the chute they gave you a beer glass with the triathlon name and logo.  Finally some swag.  Just what I need, another frosty mug for the freezer.  Checked out the food tent after the race.  Basic food but they did have a kiddy pool full of micro brew beer.  Nothing like slamming a beer when you are nearly dehydrated.  Left race and headed back to my friend’s place.  Celebrated in style and my post race meal that evening (actually next morning) was White Castle.

The race was a great tune up but I don’t recommend it.  Too many issues.  Long drive, expensive, no free stuff, horrible run course and White Castle.