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Race Report… First 1/2 Marathon – Get In Gear Minneapolis MN (by Shawn Blaesing-Thompson) May 12, 2011

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The road to my first ½ marathon… Race report from another one of the Ames

So if you had told me two or three years ago I would run a ½ marathon I
would most certainly have laughed in your face. Running more than a couple
of miles always used to leave me beat up and unhappy until last summer.  I
was a competitive swimmer so that is really the only area where I excel. I
read the book chi running last year and applied the principles including
adding a serious core workout to my weekly routine so running is much more
comfortable for me now.  Leading up to the race I was putting in between 15
– 22 miles running a week for several months.

Race day I was pretty jittery even though I kept telling myself just go out,
enjoy the experience and try to hit your goals along the way. We had to park
about a mile away and with a light rain falling I jogged down the hill to
the park where the race start was. I hopped into the shoot about a minute
after the gun went off but because there were around 8000 folks (mostly
doing the 10k run) in the chute with me it still took me about four minutes
to get to the start mat and get some jogging momentum.

It was overcast and around 45 degrees with a drizzle that came and went the
first 10 miles or so. There was a wind that wasn’t insignificant, but didn’t
really bother me. The first mile was spent with the usual careful picking to
try and find a clear path so I wasn’t tripping over people and eventually
was able to focus on finding a comfortable pace and enjoy the course. It ran
along the Mississippi river to the north for 3 miles or so and then crossed
a long high bridge over the river and wound south for about 7 miles before
doubling back on itself and crossing a different bridge into Minnihaha park
to finish.  I would highly recommend this race just for the beautiful

I never really did any training with nutrition leading into the race but
knew I was running out of juice the last couple of miles on my long training
runs so I developed a plan I thought would work for the day.  All in all I
feel pretty good about where I landed with my time and splits considering.
My splits came from my GPS app on my phone and were similar to the splits I
pulled from my watch…

April 29th, 2011 – Final time 2:20:37 – from the mat Splits 10 Mile 1:45:17,
4 Mile 41:24

Mile 1 = 10:15, Mile2= 9:45, Mile 3= 10:05, (had some Gatorade) mile 4 =
10:16, mile 5 = 10:05, Mile 6 = 10:14, mile 7 = 10:45 (had water with gu
pack),Mile 8 = 10:20, mile 9=10:23 (turn around point), mile 10=10:37 (had
some water), mile 11=10:56, (uphill grade) mile 12=11:19 (uphill grade had
some Gatorade), mile 13.1 = 11:42

After the race I really struggled with my IT bands at my knees and had
notice the week or two leading into the race they were getting more and more
tight.  I am still struggling with them two weeks later even though I scaled
back my running last week.  If anyone has good ideas on how to get them
loosened back up let me know.  Also, I have been doing a lot of 3-4 mile
tempo runs and am hitting splits around 9+ minutes so any ideas on how to
bring my longer run splits down would be great.

This is my fifth year doing triathlons but really only my second year with
serious training and distances.  I am doing my first 1/2 Ironman in MN in
late July so any advice you have for training and nutrition (and gear) for
that would be super helpful for me.  I have attached a link below where
someone on the LinkedIn Triathlon board posted a similar question with good

Thanks for reading…
The other Shawn  🙂



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